Five Reasons Why I Think PC Deserves An Armored Core Game

I am a massive fan of the Armored Core series and, while never quite perfect, I believe that the series is the greatest example of fast paced robot fun that can be had currently. Mechwarrior Online, whilst a masterclass, is a far more tactical experience and Hawken was disappointing in my opinion, failing to hold my attention for more than around ten hours.

Armoured Core

In Armored Core, you build your own custom mech (or ‘core’), to fit in with your play-style. You can be anything from a heavily armored fatty, armed to the teeth to a pesky lightning bolt, flying around all day shooting gatling rounds at less mobile foes.

Whilst the series has been on other consoles in the past, it has never made it onto the PC and I feel that this is a great shame. If done right, an Armored Core game could really shine on the PC platform.

Armoured Core Combat

Here’s a quick breakdown of the reasons why I think this:

One: Online Play Possibilities

The last few iterations of the series has gone all out on the online play front, opting to tell its story within the framework of the territory grid that is being fought over by factions of players.

Consoles have never been able to compete with the networking and connectivity that PC’s can offer. The current generation are trying, but the PC platform brings more flexibility to that kind of arrangement.

Two: Audience & Sales

It is a simple fact that the more platforms you sell on, the more copies you will flog. The PC audience is huge these days, as the consoles are beginning to struggle to remain relevant.

Selling the game through Steam would be a no-brainer, if any business minded decision maker were in the room.

Three: Controllers vs Keyboard & Mouse

Whilst I love Armored Core, I fully admit that the controls have always been a little ropy. Playstation controllers have never had the best analogue sticks for accuracy, and it made the game frustrating at times, when fighting someone in a faster Core.

Keyboard and mouse would be an ideal solution for such fast paced gameplay. Unfortunately, if cross-play were enabled, PC gamers would have a significant advantage, but I know that I would definitely enjoy the game more on PC.

Four: Performance & Technology

Armored Core have never been the prettiest games out there, with grainy visuals and low-res textures. Developing for the PC markets would enable the developers a great deal more freedom to make a game that not only plays great, but looks stunning.

Being locked at 30fps on consoles is a real problem, especially with such a fast paced game that requires such precision shooting. PC gamers have machines that could run well in excess of 60 and I feel that this would enhance the experience of the game greatly.

Five: Steam Workshop Content!

Finally… There are thousands of mechs that you can make with the parts available in the vanilla game… Imagine if the community were able to add new parts, missions, maps etc. Your game would have an indefinitely extended life-span.

Just think of other games that have been significantly improved by mods and community made content, such as Skyrim, Kebal Space Programme and Space Engineers. How great would that be?

armored core Pose

…so yeah, please release an Armored Core on PC.


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